September 06, 2004

You know you want one
  • I do. I do want one. As long as she didn't, you know, try to destroy me and my community, a la the Lard Lad.
  • Dammit. I knew we never should have fluoridated the public water supply. OH MY GOD I THINK SHE'S ALIIIIIIII*squish*
  • And there are some guys that live inside them... I'm sure I've seen photos of this giant woman sculpture, but my google-fu failed miserably.
  • I'd hit it ... /fark
  • I don't want one. I *need* one. It's the next step in my plan for global domi -- um, world peace.
  • her and a guy I know GOT- IT- ON!
  • My God, these are terrifying. Not so much for the whole giant-woman thing, more for the enormous invisible subway train her posture strongly implies she's riding.
  • This thread clearly dehumanizes giant fiberglass women.
  • The worry would be if it humanized them.
  • Either way I'm worried. worry
  • Bring. Her. ON.
  • Wow. As a bee, I'm so impressed, for I had not supposed humans had Queens of such stature among them.
  • has anyone thought about these womens' feelings? i'm sure they are emotionally damaged from all this exploitation. big women have special needs. who is looking after their real inner demands?
  • I hate to state the obvious, but they're statues! Statues, like dead monkeys, have no feelings!
  • That's nothing. There is a similar series of men statues - some with replaced heads. A particularly famous one is named Chicken Boy and was often referred to as "The Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles". When I was a kid, the statue was taken down, and my next-door neighbors embarked on a campaign to save the 22 ft fiberglass statue. The head was apparently put in the Peterson Automotive Museum - although I can't confirm that - and the body? Well, lacking anywhere else, my next-door neighbors put it in a their own backyard. We had a low fence between our properties at the time, and you could see him from our side, when you were in the backyard. I got quite used to him, but it was always fun to have friends come over and say, "What is THAT?" to which I would reply, "Oh, that's just Chicken Boy."
  • Specially the big girl, big girls need love too, no discrimination in this world. So keep your hands off my cheeks and let me study how you ride the beat you big freak!