September 06, 2004

October is next month right?
  • You forgot to add "Curious George asks", IMO :)
  • If he has a watch, he should be looking at it because the clock is ticking. Try reading out everything that this Black chap says in a Comic Book Guy-style voice.
  • With bin Laden caught and the war on terra won, Bush can now finally turn his attention to the jobhealvirentonomy. It was tough, but we've turned a corner folks. Good days are ahead. Now wouldn't you rather vote for a guy who delivers real results than some long-faced loon who is still fighting the Vietnam war? What's that you say? We haven't actually found bin Laden yet? Tiny detail! We have him surrounded. We know where he is. He's in the area around the Afghan-Pak border and east, west, south and north somewhat. We're gonna smoke him out! And the American people will. Be. Safer.
  • He's surrounded OK. Somewhere between NZ, Pakistan, the UK, Russia and the Antarctic. I feel better than James Brown.
  • black helicopters
  • Yes, Tensor, I feel safer already thinking about our gummint being in charge.
  • The war on Terra? Damn espers. I can't see his own side not shooting him and incinerating the corpse if we get close, personally. Yeah sure, dentals and all that, but nobody'd really believe he was dead. That way he could be a boogie man for a few more years.