September 06, 2004

Hell House Spoof To Be Staged In LA "Hell House, the controversial morality play first staged at a suburban church for Halloween, is set to be spoofed in a new stage production in Los Angeles starting Aug. 28. With Bill Maher playing Satan and Andy Richter as Jesus, the play will use the original play's script and special effects "to lampoon (Christian) fundamentalist beliefs about hell", producer Maggie Rowe said Monday"

Oddly enough I had to find a link on this story from Colorado. The friggin' LA Times makes you pay for access to their "Calendar" section (i.e. entertainment) of their web paper.

  • Defamer has pictures... looks simply devilish... ;->
  • I think my friends went to this last night. i didnt go as i was confused and thought they were going to an actual Hell House run by wacko Christians in search of ironic enjoyment. Ooops.
  • Good: Offending the right people. Bad: Hardly reaching beyond the low-hanging fruit, are we?
  • mmm...fruit. Hey that looks like a fun show, gotta check it out.
  • Oooh, rodgerd, you low-hanging fruit, you...
  • Bill Maher could convincingly be seen as an imp, but not Satan. Miscasting is going to hurt this production.
  • I *specifically* wear briefs to avoid the problem of low-hanging fruit, I'll have you know, flashboy.
  • I heard there were lines of ironic hipsters around the block. I suggested my friends yell: "hey the Kings of Leon* are giving away free trucker caps around the corner" and they would be able to get in no problem. *or "Franz Ferdinand," whichever is funnier to you personally
  • Franz Ferdinand would never give away trucker caps. Cravattes, smoking jackets, or fedoras maybe. But not trucker caps. I am shocked - shocked, I tell you - at such a slur on their character. Sorry. Carry on with what you were saying.
  • Does anyone need to make fun of a Hell House for it to be funny? Does anyone besides the people that put them on take them seriously? Or am I just too surrounded by jaded sodomizers to know differently?
  • maybe if they staged it in Kansas it would show some balls. Doing it in LA is really, to keep with the church theme, preaching to the choir.
  • I, for one, have to side with the jaded, if not the looser interpretation of sodomy. As for the show? Well, the original idea was lame; could the spoof be anything but lamer?
  • Well, the movie Reefer Madness was lame and they made that into a hit play. I have to admit I didnt' see the play so I can't comment on its quality, but it seems like it can be done.
  • There have been lots of things made into hit plays that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole!
  • jccalhoun -- You don't approve of sodomy? Sorry to hear your sex life is so very dull. drjimmy -- I'll wager the ironic hipsters you disparage had to wade through a sea of idiots buying souvenir hats that say "I Heart L.A.", eating McDonalds 'food' and searching for the nearest Walmart to refill on plastic crap just to get anywhere near the theatre.