December 30, 2003

Not yet a woman, almost a man. Asymetry allows Britney to continue evoking this fantasy, even as she claims she's not a virgin, just a whore.
  • That's pretty insightful. Personally, I find "Brit Brit" to be distasteful, like rotten fruit that smells sweet before you cut into it and the stink comes pouring out.
  • I imagine her as what Disney characters would be like as soft-porn stars.
  • Umm, I hope it's simply my sarcasm detector's day off, but I hope you do realize that the source BS face is slightly tilted to the left. The "mirrorer" didn't 'correct' that while mirroring.
  • Yes it does. The base of her nose is smaller in the second pic as well as her forehead being wider.
  • Not sure what "Yes it does" means. Are you agreeing with me that the tilt remains uncorrected?
  • The "mirrorer" didn't 'correct' that while mirroring. Yes, the tilt is corrected meaning there is no tilt. When you mirror, the tilt disappears. The correction appears in the narrowed lower part of her nose and wider forehead. It automatically happens when you mirror something tilted.
  • I think you're both saying the same thing. That's why in one picture her chin is pointed and in the other it's the stronger, more masculine jawline.
  • Yes. Thank you...that's exactly it.
  • Umm, Hello!! Obviously, the tilt 'disappears' because the mirroring creates symmetry. That wasn't my point. What I meant was this "insight" isn't really one, coz her face is tilted in the original. You could take the prettiest girl in the world and create a hideous face by mirroring one half of a tilted face. Unless your original post was being sarcastic (like I mentioned, my detector's day off today).
  • What I meant by "insightful" was the writer's observation of the virgin/whore dichotomy as represented in the symmetrical/assymmetrical face study. The face itself I didn't really even pay attention to.
  • assymmetrical *goggles*
  • Crap. Thanks Wolof. You've proved my point, though I'm not sure how...
  • ?
  • I imagine her as what Disney characters would be like as soft-porn stars. Ah, that's better. An old gem from our beloved Monkeybashi.
  • Good god, man. I admire your dedication.
  • I admire his pert buttocks!
  • It ain't easy. Especially as some people might be admiring my buttocks.
  • His hairy BearGuy buttocks? Can we not go there? It's bad enough I have to follow around behind him to these old threads without THAT in my mind.