September 01, 2004

Classic and not so classic US TV themes. Bad design, fun music.
  • Nice find! )) The audio quality isn't too great, though
  • I rather like that the audio quality isn't too great. It adds to the charm of listening to old tv themes. My fav by far is the Golden Girls theme. I don't care who knows it!
  • Thank YOU for being a friend, DirtyApe. I spent much of 1978 working for a radio station that played Andrew Gold's original version of that song to death, so I could never watch Golden Girls unless I tuned in AFTER the opening theme.
  • Thanks for the link. 21 Jump Street! A-Team! Baywatch!
  • [Saturday Night Live! ... Monday Night Football! ...] Dallas! Jeffersons! Gilligan's Island! /Repo Man Totally grooving to the Get Smart theme right now.