September 01, 2004

"the news will be embarrassing for George W Bush" The DOJ is forced to drop a case that had been hailed as a "milestone" in it's war against terror. It seems that is now shown to have been a milestone in overzealousness and government-based deception.

The court agrees that: "In its best light, the record would show that the prosecution committed a pattern of mistakes and oversights that deprived the defendants of discoverable evidence (including impeachment material) and created a record filled with misleading inferences that such material did not exist," the justice department said. OK this post is a little newsfiltery, but man, after enduring the pain of the GOP convention this week that I felt compelled to watch like a bad traffic accident, I was very happy to see this little bit of good news.

  • but what if they really are terrorists? i'm just sayin'...
  • Actually SideDish, that they might be terrorists shows that W and his administration messed up. Because their mistakes terrorists have gotten off the hook.
  • This has happened in several places around the world, where law enforcement agencies slap together a prosecution brief to bring charges against suspected terrorists. Investigators come under pressure to catch 'somebody, anybody' to exercise the pretty new anti-terror laws and get some good press for the minsters/secretaries responsible. When these haphazard poorly formed cases are thrown out by judicial bodies, it tends not to matter, since the noise and press coverage of the initial capture of terrorists in 'our' backyard normally outweighs the dismissal of such charges. So they - and in the case of the US, the DoJ - comes out with a marginal net gain. Welcome to democracy.
  • Round up the usual suspects. It's a proud tradition.
  • I took the Lindbergh baby.