September 01, 2004

The Earth Today (Discuss)
  • Honestly, that is one of the best links I have ever seen. However, it is not completely accurate. I just gunned down a group of people in my office building, and neither the rate of population increase nor the death rate changed.
  • Please note that it will just calcualate the amount of poo based on current statistic, because im not Nostradamus and i can't see the future :) huh?
  • I think the hungry people counter is stuck. I checked it before lunch {I'm hungry} and after lunch {I'm no longer hungry} and the counter did not change. How do you kick a virtual machine to get the counter unstuck?
  • I had to dupe this at the Meta.
  • I thought of adding a disclaimer but I didn't. ;-)
  • I'm famous! (thanks wendell!)
  • so when someone says "metric tons of co2" do they really mean the co2 weighs that much?? is this a stupid question?? (and what the hell does r0xor or l33t mean??)
  • And I think their global population stats are a bit fucked (only 2+ billion?). Oh well.
  • but what does poo have to do with this? or what does this have to do with poo? or something like that.
  • Poor wendell is gonna get slammed (or ignored) at MF. I wonder if the other counters are right. I don't know what you mean about the poor.
  • he didn't say "poor," he said "poo." i want my poo statistics! but he can't tell us because he's not nostradamus. or so he says.
  • Human biological waste (aka "poo") is listed under the environment subheading.
  • So let's talk shit.
  • Why should this thread be any different?
  • Because this is the best of the web.
  • And I think their global population stats are a bit fucked (only 2+ billion?). Oh well. posted by Jerry Garcia at 09:12PM UTC on September 01 It's the same as the age of the planet, how's that for a coincidence?
  • Human population = 6,418,080,000 Number of books published so far this year=634,500 Works out to about one new book for every 10,101 newborns. This explains all too much.
  • Better get cracking Bees. :)