September 01, 2004

Fresh! It's got fruit, sex, Catholics, and sweets. Will that do for today?
  • the lemon is female? It is so very obviously male. Are they blind? (well, I was told when very young that if boys did that enough they'd go blind...) twits, clearly. Twits with rampant imaginations that need better things to occupy them. [<- not anti-Catholic, just anti-moron, I suppose]
  • I am less inclined to call them 'twits' when the company itself admits that the ads are racy. But that the lemon is obviously a female is a stretch.
  • Not a lot of sublimation going on here then is there?
  • The lemon has stubble! But other than that, yeah, I agree with them. I would have totally found those dirty as a kid - there is just way too much fun being had by that fruit to be anything else.
  • The original correspondence (in German) can be found here. Apparently it's a spoof. "The letter to Haribo was NOT meant seriously! It was a satirical joke by a class of college students." The reason why the lemon is female is that "die Zitrone" is feminine in the German language. Ah, these Germans and their wacky sense of humour!
  • *applauds SlightlyFoxed* "Spoof" has several meanings. *awaits explanation from qkid, trace, etc.*
  • "Spoof my lemon, til the juice runs down my leg . . "
  • The lemon has stubble! Transvestite lemon. Euuwwww.
  • "His candy don't Melt away It jus gets betta so the ladies say It's the Candyman.. Sweet, Candy man. Don't stand to close to the Candyman He'll slip that candy stick a right in yo hand Candyman.. Candyman!"
  • These pupils should be commended for the amount of embarrassment they've caused their school. Nice one, kids!