September 01, 2004

Colossal Storage Corporation seems to be on the bleeding edge of removable storage media. 10 petabytes on a 3.5" removable disk by 2009. (warning: bad site design)
  • I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought, "The Really Big Corporation of America" here.
  • Whatever. Optical Storage is like Cheap LCD's. Every few months there's an announcement by a company or researcher who's had a breakthrough "guaranteed" to revolutionize the market in a couple soon as the process is perfected. Nothing ever happens. When there's a product actually shipping to Best Buy, then bother paying attention. (Unless it's IBM making the announcement. IBM doesn't BS when it comes to storage tech.)
  • Nal, you aren't just bitter because you didn't get your flying car yet, are you? I mean there's no room for cynicism when you've got an company pushing imaginary products using such high-impact buzzwords as "nano technology", "petabytes", "ultraviolet", "Top Universities", "3D", "atomic", or "Scientist". I think after further examination of the animated GIFs on the CSC home page you'll be re-examining your pessimism. I want to believe.