September 01, 2004

Japanese, Nihilistic, Genre-Pic Autuer The Works Of Seijun Suzuki. Apparently, your freindly, neighborhood, Japanese Embassy has been know to screen a film or two.
  • Didn't know that about the embassies...interesting. Great post...gotta love those Japanese nihilists.
  • I'd never heard of him, sounds like something I'd love. Thanks Restless!
  • not about Seijun Suzuki [though, interesting work. I've only seen "Tantei jimusho 23: Kutabare akuto-domo" - Detective Bureau 23: Go To Hell, Bastards! -- which is a crime thrillery Bondy typa thing] but the Embassy bit: when I lived in Halifax, the Japanese Embassy (with the local "arty" rental shop) frequently put on free screenings of recent Japanese movies, which were generally great (at least odd and therefore amusing). Once, though, the power went out and we didn't get to see the end of one, and I still don't know what happened to that poor girl and the mining & metals professor she was sleeping with... /my useless anecdote for the day. You're welcome!
  • JapanFilter. anyone see that one Japanese film with the chick who had a weird (and waterful) sexual "power"?
  • I saw Tokyo Drifter many years ago on television and never entirely forgotten it. A sort of pop art yakuza film. I'd highly recommend it, and I'll be ordering that criterion DVD as soon as I can.