September 01, 2004

A New Class Of Planet. The McObservatory has discovered 2 new extra-solar planets about the size of Neptune, easily the smallest planets discovered outside the solar system at only 14 times the size of Earth.

More info and graphics from Jack Parsons Lives...err, of course I mean Jet Propulsion Bonus question: why do astronomical discoveries equivilate to the arousal of my autonomic system?

  • Dude -- if something like this doesn't have to do with the restaurant, you gotta let us know! (Or else don't use phrases like McObservatory.) I started having wild paranoid visions of McDonald's finding new planets and calling them "Big Mac Alpha" or "McNugget Centauri".. (starts defibrilator)
  • If "McObservatory" is a "phrase", then "equivilate" is a real word. And I am the ruler of Turkmenistan.
  • Hi-res (147Kb) picture of planet.
  • Language is language in use, and if you know what it means, then its status as a 'real word' matters not. Give the OED a couple of updates, it'll catch on. ffs they added bling-bling in there... In summary: equivilate is a perfectly cromulent word. and if you don't know what it means from your throne in Ashgabat, I pity the education levels of Turkmenistan
  • Pardon me while I wallow in linguistic crapulence.