August 31, 2004

  • More knitting.
  • Good Lord, just looking at those masks gives me an idea for a horror film.
  • Thanks Skrik, for knitting my next nightmare!
  • Whoa. It's like Hannibal Lecter. Except he got a hold of grandma's knitting needles.
  • Nothing says "I regret my decision to have children" like this.
  • The kid on the lower right...his eyes just say "Kill me, kill me now please."
  • Knit wits.
  • I know polychrome is going to make fun of me for this, but I know what those masks are about. They are balaclavas, for keeping your face warm when it's fricking -40 outside (celcius or fahrenhiet, it's all the same at that point). Some days you just don't care how stupid you look, you just want to get home with your nose intact. Just because Canada gets damn hot, doesn't mean it doesn't get damn cold too.
  • My wife and I make at least one gift for one another every birthday. I wonder if I can learn to knit that horned thing for her in time....
  • It's not hard to learn to knit, coppermac. All you're doing is looping knots on a stick. A man of low cunning, my great-uncle Ian-the-Shop, taught me to cast-on and to knit one drear time when I was about eight and caught the chicken pox. But he kept forgeting to show me how to cast off, so my scarf ended up nearly thirty feet long. It kept my hands busy so I didn't scratch. Much.
  • is beeswacky the most fun ever or what?
  • Oh know it's just a matter of time. When boars attack!! Check out the photos on the right hand side of the second link.
  • hard to believe now no one knit their brow