August 31, 2004


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  • Oops, JG already posted that one
  • Wow! That was cool ... really creepy and probably the wrong thing to listen to just before going to sleep. But definitely cool.
  • For anyone wondering about the Google nature of my post, well, I got to Googling Ligeti (one of my favourite composers) and found that simple search strings turned up interesting results. My somewhat alcohol-addled brain then thought of composing a post a la manière de Ligeti: starting from one "note" and slowly adding more instruments/voices. Silly, I know. :-) I hope a few monkeys discover and enjoy Ligeti. His violin concerto (with ocarinas!) is one of my favourite pieces of modern music. You may know some of his work from Kubrick's 2001 and The Shining (in the latter the director also uses music by another favourite composer of mine, Béla Bartók, the incredible Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste to be exact).
  • I walked in on my college roomate (who was also a music major; a percussionist, to be precise) having sex with his girlfriend... to Bartok's Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta. After getting over the shock of unexpectedly seeing his naked ass in flagrante delicto, my first thought was "He was having sex to Bartok? How the hell does one fuck in 7/8 time?"
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  • Well, the_bone, I can't help but wondering how that relationship ended up... Ah, so many crazy memories from music school. No Bartók bumpin' experience but I had one girlfriend who loved lovin' to the slow movement from Brahms 4. It'll never sound the same again.
  • Ligeti, though not everyone's taste is certainly one of the most brilliant composers of the 20th century. He seems to have (for he is still very active) along with an insatiable appetite for exploration of new possibilities-a quest that has considerably expanded the available timbral, textural and conceptual resources for all composers. Some personal favorites of mine: Lux Aeterna (used in 2001) The Hamburg Concerto Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano Hungarian Rock for Harpsichord four very different pieces from different stages in his evolution. Plus you have to admire a guy that can manage to upset both the Classical Mainstream (too wild for the bluehair set)and the Avant Garde (they thought he sold them out with the above cited Trio with it's allusions to Brahms and Beethoven). Thanks for the link(eti)s