August 31, 2004

Juan the Bear attempts Zoo escape - with a bicycle. Yes, there's a photo, thank the Lord. Following on from the tragic tale of Nina, the lovelorn Komodo Dragon who died trying to find happiness, and the scary Gorilla thing from March, is this some kind of co-ordinated plot we're seeing emerge? And how does the recent spate of Monkey Thefts tie into it all? Does this provide a clue? Does it?


  • Juan the Bear looks like he was trying to give Lance Armstrong a run for his money.
  • can we get a bigger photo? i smell pulitzer!
  • Best [more inside] usage ever? Anyone?
  • That photo is so fucking funny, I'm going to be laughing for the rest of the night. The story, however, is not so funny. Zoos, unless they are impeccably large and properly appointed, and engaging in conservation/breeding work, give me that funny feeling inside...
  • I'll second that motion.
  • Juan, Juan, you should have strolled on, but instead you chose to cross the lawn, going to where something shiny shone. Juan, Juan, Though you might have gone, instead you stood trying a bicycle on.
  • What's actually happening is that reality is slowly becoming a manifestation of Gary Larson's Far Side cartoon. I forget which it was, but a recent bit of news was uncannily like one of his gags - and this - the bear escaping on a bicycle definitely is. He has a bear escaping the circus in just such a way. Or perhaps I've taken too much acid.
  • It's the baboons you've got to watch out for... All via the Peaceable Primate Sanctuary
  • Gaia has seen that the sentience thing is effective, but first efforts are not particularly successful. Further specimens are being thrown at the wall to see what sticks.
  • Now if that bear had found a Harley, that'd be a whole different story. Of course, as you know, a bear's natural habitat is a Studebaker.
  • Nostril, wot if reality has taken too much acid? people start to notice increasing anomalies as Spaceship Earth careens still deeper into the warpage of the space-time continuum which characterizes the local arm of this galazy...
  • Never trust an ape with a bike! Um, present company excepted, of course.
  • Also: never trust a comment from a moron who hasn't actually clicked the provided link to determine exactly what sort of fuzzy too-much-Shawshank-watching menace is actually swiping the bike.
  • fuzzy thinking fuzzy bear riding your bicycle Werzog knows where Werzog knows why you climbed upon it if I was a different poet I might write a sonnet
  • /applause This is one of my favorite threads.
  • MonkeyFilter: Further specimens are being thrown at the wall to see what sticks. MonkeyFilter: Never trust an ape with a bike!
  • never trust an ape with a brick nor a bear with a beehive-snatching chick let's climb on my bike and go for a ride ignoring the stinging things and the snide
  • Somewhere out there is a Far Side cartoon of a bear escaping from the circus on a bicycle. He is in a skirt, with a hat.
  • I have a print of a painting that I purchased in a museum gift shop. I like the painting a lot. It's called the innocent eye test by Mark Tansey. when I described this painting to a friend over the phone (a bunch of scientists in lab coats are observing a cow looking at a painting of cows in a gallery) my friend said "that sounds like a far side cartoon"...
  • That picture's quite low-vely!
  • "Somewhere out there is a Far Side cartoon of a bear escaping from the circus on a bicycle." Dude! Read my comments up thread!
  • Juan could float across the moat Juan on the loose was heading outside when something glittered, caught his eye oh, he'd always wanted a bicycle ride! it was wonderfully shiny and had big wheels just the sort of vehicle that appeals to bears and boys, so his fate was sealed as he stood it up, just to get the feel
  • bear driving a bumper car Susie, a bear from the Bertram Mills Circus, surprises two passengers in another dodgem car at Olympia, in London, where the circus is performing for Christmas. England, 1954.
  • That poor bear has a very easy-to-understand expression on his face. If the evil cocksuckers who stuck me in this car hadn't muzzled me, you ladies would be bear shit this time tomorrow. God. Damn. It.
  • Friends! Romans! Animals are not entertainment! Although bumper cars be hella fun. That is all.