August 30, 2004

You have bad taste in music! Who says soapbox oratory is dead? Hooray for this guy! His appearance at Christina Aguilera / Justin Timberlake is classic. He even tries to reason with fans of Linkin Park. (QuickTime)

Via ABS.

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  • Had he pulled that stunt on me, I would’ve kindly offered to end his existence. I tend to interpret such in-my-face assholery as cries for euthanasia help. Too bad we never met in one of my Christina/Justin concerts. Could've granted his secret wish and made the world a happier place.
  • I agree with kenshin. I can see why he would take Linken' Park or Christina/Justin to be bad music, as they are overplayed, overhyped, more popular than they (perhaps) deserve, and this is all because they are forced through advertising onto unsuspecting listeners. Assuming everything just stated is accepted, that still doesn't make it bad music. Don't tie in marketing with art (I know, it makes you cringe to call Linken' Park art). But if you can't listen to a Brittney Spears song and hear some musical quality that you can appreciate, it's not that you have bad taste in music, it's that you simply haven't developed a full appreciation for music.
  • I doubt this is supposed to be as serious as all that. I mean, like others have said before, he could've pulled this stunt at a Franz Ferdinand show and it still would've been funny. The real joke is on people who take their taste in music way too seriously. Also, the Evanescence clip is comedy gold.
  • Not Applicable... Actually, This was on metafilter (or somewhere else) a while ago.
  • ...But it's still good!
  • The real joke is on people who take their taste in music way too seriously People who mock others for bad taste in music take their own good taste far too seriously. So the joke is on them? I wholeheartedly agree. LoopyG spoke my mind for the most part. However, I don't think the concepts of "deserve" and "popularity" are meaningful together. Put it another way: only the people are qualified to judge whether someone deserves to be popular with them, so if that someone is popular with them...
  • Isn't annoying soapbox preaching aimed at forcing your point of view on others one of the cornerstones of American comedy? "Evanescence kicks ass...fuck you, and you need to fuck the ass!" - Evanescence fan Hahahaha, I love it. (Seriously, listen to Lacuna Coil. It's like Evanescence, but good.)
  • Johnny Hates Jazz rules. End of discussion.
  • Anyone who's web site opens with "FOR THE BEST VIEWING PLEASURES A SCREEN RESOLUTION OF 1280*1024" sucks dead donkey cock. And Evanescence are a great teeny goth band. If you don't like teeny goth, well, fine, but that's like crapping on Yehudi Menuhin because you don't like classical.
  • Johnny Hates Jazz sucks. Long live Mr. Mister!
  • Argh! Whose, not who's. My poor, poor brain! Web grammar has finally poisoned it.
  • I'm with him on Nickelback. How can the country that invented hockey be responsible for that shit?
  • Actually, This was on metafilter (or somewhere else) a while ago. It was here at MoFi, making it a double post (I guess my link above was a little oblique). But it's a good link, a lot of people evidently missed it the first time around last month, and a search for "you have bad taste in music" wouldn't have found the prior thread. So it's cool, dawg.
  • Long live Mr. Mister! That's not very nice, you know.
  • I did actually move this to the double-post category, but MoFi's slightly broken and it's still on the front page.
  • i noticed that. weird. *points and laughs at scartol, anyway
  • (Seriously, listen to Lacuna Coil. It's like Evanescence, but good.) Or The Gathering, who sounded like Evanescence nine years ago.
  • Or Tiamat, whose Wildhoney album is one of my favorites of all time. Or Opeth, Moonspell, Nightwish, or any of the other dozens of great bands who Evanescence has drawn influence from. Seriously, whenever I hear someone go on and on about how original or inventive Evanescence is, I just want to shove a copy of Nightime Birds or Mandylion down their throat.
  • Listening to Holdsworth tonight. Pillory me at will.
  • Loopy- The reason to trash Britney Spears, despite whatever treacle you might love about her, is that for every second spent listening to her, for every dollar spent on her, there's another much, much better artist struggling. Sure, this may not lead to sudden musical enlightenment for the people at the concerts, but the more people who realize, yeah, Nickleback is pretty much the most boring, mediocre rock possible, the better.
  • Not to mention that for the cost of one ticket to one of the bland concerts, you could probably see four or five shows with two or three bands at a local club, and maybe find something new and interesting instead of hearing someone lip synch something you've heard a thousand times and watching them from 200 feet away.
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