August 30, 2004

No Monkey Sex for You! Why does Feili, a Chinese chimpanzee, smoke and spit at people? Simple: "A male chimpanzee at the zoo has failed to live up to Feili's sexual demands"
  • Ah, males... simian, human or whatever the species, we're all the same, always leaving some female down. OK, from the tumultuous crowd of male, adult, sexually potent monkeys here on this -filter, who's brave, courageous and gentlemanlymonkey enough to go make a small favor to poor Felli? Anybody?
  • wee funny bit (no, not what's hanging out of Flagpole's pants, don't go there!): in Hanyu Pinyin, Feili's name can mean "molest".
  • Why not 妃利 (fei1 li4) = "princess + profit"? (Joke)
  • Fat Pear would be a fav too.
  • Anybody? Yeah it was cool - I've got some great pictures. We had an awesome time!
  • oh shit wrong thread
  • quid had an awesome time with a sexually frustrated monkey! took pics too! pass it on!
  • I think I've already seen the video - it became a root beer ad.
  • I remember some zookeepers were having a tough time propigating Pandas, they resorted to showing them Panda Porn!