August 26, 2004

Curious, George: Toronto meetup? I'm putting together a last-minute Toronto MeFi meetup. I would love to meet some Monkeys too! Anyone in the area that would like to come out? (Or, if you can't because it's last-minute - sorry! - would you be interested in a meetup sometime soon?)
  • I can't promise I'd go - it depends on what else is happening this weekend and stuff. I'd be more likely to come up for a Wednesday or Thursday. But, yeah, I'm interested. I'd recommend pubs but they'd all be some distance away from the subway so I should probably keep my mouth shut.
  • The whole idea interests me, but I don't partake enough in this community to be comfortable with my SAD and all.
  • Unfortunately, it's a little late on the notice or I'd be interested. Even if it is slightly out of the way.
  • I'm out of town for a few days starting tomorrow morning, but I can't say that I'd want to attend anyway. Being a retired cop, I'm more comfortable meeting people from the internet only if they have been led to believe that I'm a nine year old girl.
  • *pulls coppermac's pigtails* Oh wait, you're not a nine-year-old girl?
  • Are all Vancouver people this morose? *ducks*
  • Do we ever have a MoMe that isn't last minute?
  • I am sorry it's last-minute - I only just found out a couple days ago that he'd be visiting. If there really is enough interest to go around I promise to help coordinate another one soon. In the meantime, I'll be posting info on where it's at tomorrow as soon as we get a meetup place set. If you want to turn out, you can email me right up to dinnertime tomorrow - my email's in my profile.
  • Melinika - if you give me a little more notice, i'd be more than happy to head on up to Toronto.
  • I agree. I'm about an hour from TO, but with proper notice, I'd come in for a meetup.
  • "*pulls coppermac's pigtails* Oh wait, you're not a nine-year-old girl? posted by tracicle at 05:52AM UTC on August 27" No, I'm not a nine year old girl. And that's not a pigtail you're pulling....
  • How come you've got two of 'em? ;)
  • All the males on my home planet have two of them.