August 26, 2004

Curious George Are you going to burning man?

This is inspired by recent Metafilter thread, I thought it might be interesting to know what other monkeys are heading to the playa & where they are planning to camp. I will be in the camp Freekutopia, in Fandango Village. we are at 6:30 & Earth. We are on the map, so easy to find. come sit on our couches, dance, enjoy our awesome "trance-free zone" of great music in the Slo-Burn Bar & Cafe...

  • Yup - I'll be with the Dance Commando's at 4.30 and Earth - we'll have pimms and dancing
  • I'd loved to be there but can't stand the high heat. Rats.
  • can't go, as i am a flammable woman
  • nope. I've got to make sure the TCM report cover gets on all those daily reports.
  • at 6:30 and Earth Oh boy. Those directions sound like an invitation to a dream... which is the case, in a way, I think. *Sigh* Ah, have fun there. I'll have to stay here and burn... man! PS: We demand photos! With our lovely mascot... erm... does MoFi have a mascot, besides that-who-swing-by-the-tail?
  • you mean Quidnunc?
  • Yes, I will be there. I'm camping at the 3:00 Plaza, with the Borrachos y Bicicletas bike repair camp. When you get a flat, come see me! Here is a map of this year's city if anyone needs it. There was brief mention on MetaFilter of a meetup point at noon, Tuesday, at the Man. I'll be there, on the side of the Man that faces Center Camp. I'll have a Mexican flag bandana hanging out of my pocket, and a hat with shiny stars on it. Y'all come on out and we'll make it the first-ever MoFi/MeFi meetup!
  • I am so so so so jealous. And I only have my poor planning and laziness to blame.
  • scarabic, I am all over the mofi/mefi meetup! provided I know its tuesday & have a vague idea of the time I will be there. what I will be wearing remains to be seen....but I will still be a tall chick w/dark red hair.
  • Excellent. I just posted a reminder over there. I tried announcing a Burning Man meetup on MeFi last year and it attracted a bunch of pointless naysaying. We'll see if this year is any better.
  • That map is gorgeous. How well they've planned it out! I went only once in, 1985, and aside from the main street in the center, IIRC, there was nothing resembling a plan.
  • urp - 1995
  • Blame it on a MoFi datestamp bug, goofyfoot.
  • Actually, one of our first big events was a MeFi/MoFi meetup. Here's the result ,
  • I'll be there. I'm opting out of theme camp madness this year, so my friends and our trusty dome will be whereever we can find open space. We're shooting for somewhere in the 6:00 to 7:00 region, around Jupiter-ish.
  • I got a little excited. I've since learned of the several MoFi/MeFi matings that have mated. I'm still excited. The number 3 is not important.
  • Emilybear: 4:30 and earth?! It sounds like we'll be neighbors. I'll be arriving on Monday and camping at Infinite Oasis at 4:30 and Earth. I have already organized a 'Meetup' for Livejournal users, but as stated in the description all blog users are welcome. I'd love to meet some monkeys there too. I'm promised there will be nothing but funk music at the Wonderlounge all night.
  • hey! any updates from our burning monkeys?
  • They got one thing in common -- they got the fire down below! Sorry, that's on the radio right now. Seemed appropriate.
  • I was the only Monkey to show up at the meetup, I believe. The much-vaunted Mexican flag never appeared but I did meet two Mefis who I have forgotten the names of. I am sure they will post an update at some point as they did take a photograph FWIW (of the 3 of us :).