August 26, 2004

Hot Sauce for kids? Lisa Whelchel, who played Blair on the popular 1980s TV series Facts of Life, is an advocate and practitioner of "hot saucing." Whelchel, the author of Creative Correction: Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline, says the practice worked for her children when other disciplinary actions did not.

I wonder if she learned this from Mrs. Garrett?

  • Ladies and Gentlemen: We have a WINNER, The Onanist; Laziest poster award!
  • hey, now, if he was that lazy, he just wouldn't have posted it at all.
  • Wow, the original's not even off the front page yet!
  • Searching is for wimps.
  • Hot sauce him.
  • I believe in hot saucing, and spanking, and whatever means necessary to keep a child under control...from dialogue to boot-camp... I've known some annoying ass kids that trample all over their parents. This annoys me thoroughly! cos all I think is "you're the parent, you have the right to put this kid in his place"...I mean, not being abusive of course, but def. being tough.
  • Hey, have you guys heard about this guy who dug a hole in his yard??
  • some guy in louisiana dug a hole in his backyard. check it out... he's got pictures and stuff.
  • is that the guy in the wedding dress?
  • I found that the hole was very cool at night and was somehow warm at night. Damn brain teasers.
  • is that the guy in the wedding dress? Baby Doc? (scroll to bottom of page)