August 26, 2004

Snorri’s Hot Tub, Reykholt, Iceland.
  • Snorri peed in it.
  • Interesting stuff. I went to Iceland recently and it's chock full of crazy-ass stuff like this.
  • cool! i mean, hot! i'm strongly in favor of any place chock full of crazy-ass stuff. iceland is on my list of places to visit!
  • from link 1: "In Reykholt there is only one ancient structure left intact, and it was built by Saga-man himself – Snorri’s hot tub. The geothermally heated pool (Snorralaug) is one of a few constructions preserved from Iceland’s mediæval period. The hot tub is constructed of hand-hewn lava, cut and tooled to exact measurements, so precise that the blade of a knife cannot be thrust between the stones. It’s similar to the cyclopæan stonework of Tonga and Easter Island – I didn’t know such masterful ancient masonry existed in Iceland." from link 2: "By the intake conduit there is a stone with the initials V.Th. 1858. The initials were cut in 1858 when Snorralaug was restored on the initiative of pastor Vernharður Þorkelsson." hmmm, I say. the first link also notes that the tunnel referenced in link 2 was the site of ol' Snorri's last snore, as it were, which is pretty interesting! Get 'em in the bath, as Charlotte Corday might have said.
  • Snorri (to brings us such interesting tales as "King Harald's Saga") did in fact lead a very interesting life, despite his attempts to be a quiet, stay-at-home historian & writer....(via the intro in my penguin classics paperback of King Harald's Saga, synopsis, paraphrase...)
  • to who, damn it, who!