August 26, 2004

Curious George: How do I work my new shades? This is terriby silly. My monkey-mind cannot figure out how to work something very simple -- my new shades. Can anyone tell me the name of these shades, or better yet, how to reliably roll them up and down?

Background: The shades are new to me, but obviously very old. The apartment is in the basement of an old building on a college campus. I really think I might break them if I do it wrong. Pics: You can check out the monsters here: The troublesome part. Note the two sets of rope on the right side, one of which is attached to the bottom of the shade. The whole picture, note the additional, barely visible rope on the right that holds up the right hand side. Another rope connects the two sets of ropes, it is invisble on the top. Sigh.

  • Second link no workee. I think what you have there are straw blind (sorry, couldn't find any larger pics). What you can try to do is to pull the rope that is on the extreme right (not any one that is wrapped about the blind) gently. You should see the blind start to roll upwards in folds. These blinds are pretty popular where I am, because they're light enough to let some air in, but still opaque enough for privacy, and keep the rain out.
  • oops! My bad. I typed an additional ".jpg" at the end of your second link to see the full picture. This type of blind won't go up in folds (was thinking of venetian blinds), but rolls up. But I still think you can try pulling the right side rope. Make sure you're only pulling one rope!
  • Oops, yes, this is the right link. You know, the more I look at these things, the more I think someone has modified them. There are knots in several different places that make no sense -- pretty sophisticated knots too. Little metal brackets all over too. Very odd.
  • You have to be smarter than the shades. Or buy some new shades.
  • You may want to check how secure the blinds are anchored to the wall. It's hard to tell from your first picture, but if they're anchored to the frame, that's not secure. Use an anchor and a screw and put both in above the frame.
  • RTFM! ;-)
  • Alnedra: Did you seriously just apologize for not adding to a link, but NOT apologize for writing "Second link no workee"?
  • that's one big shade. i'd say, it's in charge. don't taunt it or poke at it. it'll come after you in the middle of the night. just LEAVE IT ALONE.
  • Alnedra: Did you seriously just apologize for not adding to a link, but NOT apologize for writing "Second link no workee"? Well, yes. You got a problem with that? *taps 100 Ton Hammer meaningfully* But I did add a link. Just that the pictures in that link are rather small, and not too helpful, therefore the apology.
  • Those shades are ugly. Get some nice drapes.
  • Just hang up a bedsheet or a shower curtain. /bachelor mindset