August 25, 2004

"The meaning of the monstrous is critical to my work." Monkeys and so much more: the allegorical art of Laurie Hogin.

( If this is a double post, I will commit inauthentic seppuku with a greased frisbee. )

  • Disturbingly monstrous. I like it.
  • Monstrously disturbing!
  • Evil bunnies? Oh, no! Well, actually they are a bit evil. They have these huge claws on their back feet which will rip the bejeezus out of you if you're holding one and it gets startled. And, they startle easily. Kind of like accountantz.
  • Disturbing and exotic. Thanks you, spackle.
  • What a great introduction to this artist! Thanks for the wonderful post.
  • Nyar!
  • That is fantastic, disturbing stuff. Wonderful post, thanks.