August 24, 2004

Amerika, Rammstein's latest single.

Not exactly a fan of their music, nonetheless admire some of their videos' imagery, specially Mutter. The lyrics (bottom of page) of this one haven't got much depth, but the video's overall ambience feels as strange as the ending's meaning. It's all a fabrication? We're all living in America, really?

  • Why Du Hast Amerika?
  • Excelsior to you, Flagpole. I await their new album with much eagerness.
  • Rammstein covered "Pet Sematary"? I don't know about that.
  • Hmm. I alwasy thought 'excelsior" meant "up yours!."
  • OOPs! That's ultra secret highly encrypted spelling of "always." They'll have to kill me now.
  • And, languagehat: the commas that you don't see there were highly encrypted.