August 17, 2004

Play-Doo Taking "gag" gifts to a whole new level.

"Imagine the beauty of your turd as it passes through the great designer patterns."

  • Wot, no videos?
  • I'm surprised that this isn't a double.
  • I think it actually might be a comment link (possibly Daisy_Mae) but I can't prove it. Regardless: um, yeah. Really Really Really No.
  • Bam! But no biggie, I hadn't seen it til now and I'm still recovering from the ickiness...
  • Sorry about that guys. I did search for it. Found nothing. I'd never seen this before and happened to stumble upon it while looking for funky shower curtains. Yeah. You figure that one out.
  • Heh. I'd like to see that chain of linkage. But fear not, comment posts don't count.