August 17, 2004

Bj "I think to a certain extent maybe moving to New York influenced me, and then the 9/11 episode and the crisis that is going on in the world today. And to a certain extent all this made me very interested in primitive elements. In something that was before all this happened." Our old friend Bj

Watch her new music video for 'Oceania' (click on the 'Med

  • Fabulous news, glad to hear it. Listening to her is like taking drugs. (I mean that in a good way.)
  • Triumph of a Heart was recently made available online. It's as good as anything else of hers, although I will always have a special place in my heart for Post.
  • I just got a copy of Vespertine today. Opacodex is a Bjork obsessed musicblogger; you'll find all manner of rarities and live stuff and artists who work with bjork over there. Maybe even some early leaked tracks and the olympic video as well...
  • Somewhere I have an awesome bootleg of her and PJ Harvey singing "Satisfaction". Might be good CD Swap material, actually.
  • There was a nice interview with Bj�rk in W Magazine. You can see the scans here and here. Just click to enlarge. Or, you can just look at what I consider to be The. Funniest. Photoshopped. Bj�rk. Pic. Ever!
  • Bjorky Goodness! Excellent Post. One might think that the verb "to Bjork" might have made it into the lexicon by now. Madlib it! "Last night I was so Bjorked, I ______________!" or "After a thorough Bjorking, Wolof then _______________ to the Quidnunc Kid." funniest Bjork pic ever? right click, save as...
  • For those more interested in I in this personage, Alex Ross has a long Profile, "Bjrks Saga," in this week's New Yorker (the article is not online).
  • Speaking of Bjork ...
  • Mfpb, do you have a link to the article you quoted in your post about NY's influence on Bjork's music? She was also the fashion spread in last week's New York Times Magazine. Beyond fashion. Vespertine, perfectly titled, is a liturgy for me, maybe as close to one as I will have. I can't wait to hear her now.
  • It actually wasn't an article, it was a video interview which you can access on the Med
  • Somewhere I have an awesome bootleg of her and PJ Harvey singing "Satisfaction". Might be good CD Swap material, actually. I hope I'm not stealing tracicle's thunder here, but I've just stuck that song up here.
  • *takes thunder back, puts it under lock and key*
  • Bjork is great and all but I'm getting a little tired of the whole "inspired by the events of 9/11" thing. When is someone going to make an album that is not ispired by those events? (I know many albums fit that category, I'm just in a mood of sorts)
  • I've posted this before, but for those that might have missed it.
  • The new Bjork album is magnificent. Also, magnificently silly. (My reviews are excellent, aren't they?)
  • word.
  • mfpb, i have umlaut envy. how do you create an umlaut in a post? i have none on my keyboard. sigh. umlaut also would make a great cat's name.
  • sidedish, I actually know a cat named umlaut. A sweet tortiseshell nickednamed ummey.