August 17, 2004

Neat-o Anth-ro
  • I don't know why, but people dressing up as big furry animals makes me very, very cross.
  • No, no, no no no no no-no-no. No. *assumes fetal position*
  • For me, it's that guy. What the hell is up with that guy?
  • furries = hilarity + revulsion Somethin' reeeeeeeeeal creepy.
  • sigh... poor crazy bastards are the automatic "you win" in the grand game of "who's the biggest freaknerd." We common freaknerds depend on them to be the bottom of the barrel, 'cause otherwise it might be us. It's a shame, because I've talked to a couple who seem like articulate, non-crazy people who really, really liked Watership Down. Unfortunately such types are never going to escape the batshitness of their brethren.
  • You know I saw this on CSI and thought, "...hey what a David E. Kelley type wacky idea for a story. Kudos to the CSI crew for having a sense of humour...." Now I see it's not a joke.... It's like living that Twilight Zone episode... "Don't get on the ship. The book, To Serve Man, IT'S A COOKBOOK!" Brrrrrrrrr........