August 16, 2004

Urban Golf - I've played golf...I was rubbish at it. I gave up after paying
  • Looks like lawsuits waiting to happen (not that they should, necessarily, but still...) My preferred urban golf is frisbee golf -- less equipment needed (1 frisbee per player) and equally ad hoc. Of course, you can purchase insane and unnecessary paraphenalia, but I have a hard time taking those people seriously on the course (you have eight discs in your bag? Do you think you need a separate disc for the water hazards somehow?). Ottawa even has an excellent frisbee golf course in Jacques Cartier park with great views of the river and Parliament Hill. I highly recommend this frivolous, non-taxing and fun game.
  • Fore!!!! Not really a doublepost callout, because it isn't. Just pointing out a previous discussion, albeit a staggeringly brief one.
  • Squash balls work better (and are safer for windows.)
  • i'm with ilyadeux. disc golf is THE poor man's sport of kings. and if you don't have a legit course by you (pre-approved by the pdga) you and your cohorts can do what the urban golfers do -- just pick a target off in the distance and go at it. then there's this guy who took it to a new extreme:
  • Frisbee Golf - There's an odd coincidence, I was out and about this weekend trying to buy a decent frisbee, would you believe that there appears to be nowhere you can get one on Ipswich UK? I couldn't believe it, going to have to go mail order just for a frisbee!
  • you have eight discs in your bag? Do you think you need a separate disc for the water hazards somehow? I'm not sure why I feel the need to defend hardcore disc golfers, but I do. There are dozens of disc designs, and each has a different flight pattern. Some fly fast. Some slow. Some will automatically curve right, others left. Some will roll for long distances. A golfer who carries 8 discs (actually more like 20 for those who are really into the sport) will use a different disc in each situation. The subtle differences in trajectory can get their disc that much closer to the hole. For them, the difference between a birdie (2 shots to hit the target) and a par (3 shots) matters a lot. For me, I can throw pretty far anyway, so I try to develop my technique so I can throw any trajectory with one disc. Usually I play with one or two discs. Either just an approach/putter disc, or a driver disc and a putter. It's a more interesting challenge. If I enter a tournament, I'll carry more just in case I lose one.
  • neuro (that u - totally changes things really), I do understand the intrinsic logic of the multiples and have even used them occassionally. I just seems silly, but then, I own 5 cameras so clearly, different strokes. But I do reserve the right to mock.
  • Ok, this? that comment? This is why I read people's bios FIRST. Because making fun of the the sport in which someone is an Eleven Time World Champion? To their face, as it were? Not nice. Not really friendly at all. Particularly ridiculous if you're total crap at said sport, even if it is delicious fun. Also, am no longer surprised you can throw far. Also? That is really extremely cool. Seriously. And I'm sorry for mocking you, and will go back to mocking the puny mortals I actually know for a fact are World Champions at Nothing (it's safer).
  • Eleven time champ? Phhpppbbt. Can he do this? *pats head and rubs stomach simultaneously*
  • (nice hijack) Frisbee golf is a blast, especially if you've got a good college campus with plenty of art to aim at. We use ultimate discs though, so we don't decapitate anyone. (of course, there are better things to do with frisbees)
  • Just to be clear. I'm eleven time champion in freestyle not golf, but I've played my share of golf too.