August 09, 2004

Kitties! Kitties! Kitties!
  • awwwww!
  • Okay, ignore the snarky sound of this comment, but what the heck? Seriously, I just don't understand this obsession with kittens. I know it's often used here to disarm potentially volatile threads, but really, what gives? Am I just cranky?
  • But they're kitties!
  • Iggy: Apparently kittens are the new net fetish.
  • I found monkeyfilter through the late, lamented kittenfilter. Do not diss the kittens.
  • I have a feeling I will be returning to these sites more and more as the Fall election season gets all the more acrimonious.
  • IS: Not just kittens, but also puppies. Although I recall one thread where the big guns had to be taken out: a baby otter and a baby hedgehog. I've found the tactic surprisingly effective: Whenever I read one of those potentially volatile threads and I feel my own temper rising, some monkey posts a cute picture and it falls right back down again. I see the whole discussion in a new light. Perhaps this says something about my attention span.
  • RateMyKitten is all about the objectification of cats' bodies-- underage cats' bodies, at that. Kitty porn. So the primary axis of oppression is not gender and not class, but order! (Carnivora versus Primates)
  • I for one welcome our fuzzywuzzycutewiddlewhiskery overlords. speaking of which Paging Jerry Garcia. Mr. Garcia, please report to the Kitten Thread immediately and update the masses on your recent kitten invasion. Thank you.
  • I thought kitten108 was hindu before I saw it was a ladybug.
  • our fuzzywuzzycutewiddlewhiskery overlords Look at 'em slanty eyes. They're up to no good I tellya.
  • OK - you'll have to hurry (it's a non-archived post) but a discussion started with a snark (no!, really?) and has degenerated into a kitten free for all here
  • I just added my cat, Sammy. Someday I have to make a website, which consists of nothing but pictures of my cat. That would be a life well spent.