August 05, 2004

PayPal PayOut Have you ever been inconvenienced by PayPal? You could be eligible for a cut of the $9.25 million they paid to settle a class-action lawsuit.
  • Which spoof account are you? I recognize the email but i forget from where . . . Anyway, glad you posted this, I almost did yesterday (got it from J-walk blog). Is it for real? The domain isn't very convincing . . .
  • It's real - I've been notified of it twice now and plan to see what I can get out of it. My paypal account was scammed a year ago, and if it hadn't been for my bank, I would have had to wait more than a month to get my $1,500 back. Paypal sucks.
  • Is it for real? The domain isn't very convincing . . . I actually received my own email from PayPal about this, and a few things: 1) It appears completely legit, the message came from and the headers show nothing suspicious. 2) There is nothing in the process that really makes me worry. The end of the process is basically a form that you print, sign and mail to them, do not recall any particularly sensitive information that seems like it's being "harvested" by nogood-niks 3) As sketchy as the domain looks, recipients of the email are actually redirected there from, which is of course, completely legit. Have you ever been inconvenienced by PayPal? Actually, you don't even need to have ever been inconvenienced to benefit from this. Per the terms of the settlement, there are 3 cash pools: 1)You get $50 for signing an affidavit stating that you were impacted negatively by their policies, under penealty of perjury. 2)You jump through 78,000 hoops proving that you were impacted and how much money it ended costing you, and you get reimbursed for that amount and, here's the kicker: 3)You signed up for PayPal before 2/1/2004. Yes that's right, just for having an account you are entiteld to Statutory Damages, even if (like me) you never even used the account. What a wonderful legal system! For those who are still not believers cuz yeah, MSNBC is marginally more trustworthy than me
  • I run a busy mail-order business and allow customers to use Paypal in addition to CC's. I can't say that we've ever had them dick us over in the past 3 years, but I know they once upheld a chargeback that a customer erronously submitted and tried to cancel -- Paypal was truly a bunch of ignorant asshats and my customer chose to send payment again to fix the whole thing.
  • Which spoof account are you? I recognize the email but i forget from where . . Classic double bluff. pete_best is now the prime suspect.
  • I forwarded the e-mail I received to PayPal's spoof-checker address, and they replied saying the e-mail in question was in fact legit.
  • Snopes has an article on this. It's real.
  • *pretends to trip & spill drink, thereby shoving dng into closet* No really, who is it?
  • What's freaky is that the unscrupulous people out there who actually deserve bad Paypal karma, like the ebay seller who didn't sent my stuff and never sent me a refund, are going to make money off this too.