August 04, 2004

Rivers Cuomo's Harvard Application Essay With funny fanboy comments.
  • Er...explanation? Who is he? What the hell is this all about?
  • Is this for real? I'm too lazy to check snopes. salmacis, the essay itself explains who he is. He's the lead singer of Weezer and is, apparently, back at university or trying to be. This is his application essay. Very deep for Mr Sweater Song.
  • I'm on the drug that killed River Cuomo.
  • he read about Napoleon and DAVID GEFFEN as part of his plan for world domination?
  • I read about Napol
  • Is there any celebrity left who doesn't have their own MySpace page/plausible spoof MySpace page (delete as appropriate)? Ah, how fondly I remember the days when finding a minor celebrity on Friendster was the height of moderately voyeuristic starfucker cool. It was a more innocent time. In other MySpace news, Jake still thinks he's "in a relationship", while Kirsten is adamant that she's "single"...
  • mmm kirsten
  • This thing is linked to from, the official band site, so it's pretty safe to say that it's for real. That said, it's also freaky as all hell. Mysticism always wigs me out for some reason.
  • Even if it wasn't linked from, I would have to say that this is for real. From everything I've seen, Rivers Cuomo is pretty much exactly how he comes across in that essay. I've read scores of interviews where they talk about how he wants to find the formula for the perfect pop song. It's amazing to me that he hasn't figured out that art and academia, while they feed off each other, do NOT intersect. An analytical essay maybe brilliant, but it's not creative, per se. It's very frustrating for those who appreciate his earlier work, but he just doesn't seem to get it. Although, how much of earlier Weezer's sucess is actually due to Matt Sharp is hotly contested. Salmacis, do youself a favor and check out Weezer's self-titled first album (often called the 'blue' album) and the second, 'Pinkerton'. The first is a perfect piece of flawless pop candy, and the second is nicely tortured and cynical (and also influenced scads of current bands).
  • The comments are the best part!
    Being on MySpace and communicating with your fans on a more personal level, I once thought, was totally cool of you...made you seem more humble and "normal." Yet you're not personable and you don't communicate back. I'm sure you skim through emails you get but you never reply. Now, I don't know how I feel for you. You're busy, aren't we all? I don't know Rivers. I appreciate the music and what you're trying to do but you've got to give me a reason to fall into you again.
    Yeah, Kerri ™, he has to give you a reason....