August 04, 2004

Looptracks. (Flash?) I was addicted for an hour straight. Via Yahoo, of all places.
  • Interest. Strange, but interesting.
  • That was odd. I never even felt the urine leaving my body.
  • Invoice to DEBTOR (aka bernockle): 17(seventeen) inch CRT PC monitor, 1(one) unit. Cause of damage: approx. 1/3(one-third) cup of caramel latte spewed all over it by CREDITOR (aka Alnedra). Delay in payment may result in actions taken by CREDITOR (aka Alnedra), such as punitive plucking of nose-hair or extraction of non-vital bodily organs without anesthae... anaestethe... anaesthe... knocking you out first.
  • *jamming*
  • site temporarily disabled. What was this?
  • Forget it forksy, you're totally out of the loop. (it was basically an acid trip in flash... no real way to describe it)
  • /kidding
  • Excellent Cheers