November 26, 2003

Worthwile dilemmas. The Oblique Strategies, now in flash.
  • *hrm* worthwHile, that is.
  • I know people who open up the Bible with their eyes closed and point to a random verse. This verse is supposed to solve their problems. These cards reminded me of that, for some reason.
  • I've noticed that when I can't solve a problem or when I'm unsure about how to attack a task, it's usually because I need a new perspective on things. I think this is a great way to jar you out of how you're approaching something and make you look at it from another angle. Even if the individual cards don't solve any mysteries for you, at least you remember there may be another way. (The cards thing, not the Bible thing of course. The Bible thing is just wacky. Although, maybe that would work if you could do that with Hitchhiker's Guide. Hmmm.)
  • maybe that would work if you could do that with Hitchhiker's Guide Or The Lord of the Rings...
  • To study or to party? *reads card* Hmm, go and throw The One Ring into the Cracks of Doom. I guess that could be a party...
  • My mother has a Book of Answers along these lines. I skimmed it once but the story was crap. I'll have to steal it now next time I visit.
  • Cracks of Doom partay at tracicle's! wooohoooo! I'll bring the booze if you bring the ring.
  • I'll bring the pipe weed (from Southfarthing, natch).
  • Can't access the links now. Dang.
  • Are we at the cock one yet?
  • Um, who are you asking there, nickdanger?
  • cock!