August 03, 2004

"Boycott demands as orangutans put in the ring for Thai boxing bouts"
Via the amazing Martin Van Buren, who is becoming amongst my fave clicky in record time.
  • Upon initially reading the thread, I thought the orangutans were boxing for Thai donuts, and was quite surprised that they even LIKED donuts, nevermind enough to fight over them. With lightning speed, I click on the link to hear of these sugar demons. I couldn't find the link to that, but instead just about regular ol' organutans boxing. Really, a donut might keep things safe. The one who finishes the donut wins. Both lives. One just risks bad nutrition. Much nicer all the way around. In fact, give them the day old donuts that were going to be thrown away - much less wasted food! Such good could come of this!!
  • Making animals fight for our amusement is funny. Especially when one of them gets hurt? That's the best thing ever.
  • I wonder if an orangutan trained in Muay Thai could defeat a human trained in Ta Sheng Men Kung Fu? I guess he'd probably just rip his arms out.
  • Grrrr!