August 02, 2004

Feel Like Crap? Eat a June Bug. Or maybe you just feel crazy, "trapped in a never-ending nightmare filled with threatening blood-red evil beings you are unable to escape." Hey, we've all been there. Remember, "It is difficult to eat just one." Just ask this dog.
  • As... delicious as that sounds, I think I'm going to stick with my multivitamin and a Nutrigrain bar, thanks though.
  • My friend Fes is so not keen on eating bugs. I will not link to private communications. But if he wants me to send him a few fried ones in a sealed envelope, I will consider his request favourably. xxooxx fes111!!!
  • And to think, I was only tying strings to their legs.
  • Protein is protein, and bugs can be good sources. Cockroachs and ants are nutty and spicy, and a chocolate June Bug might be very tasty. Another dish that will perk you up is Scorpion soup.
  • From the article: "...the bug is a rich source of food and appetite stimulating medicine..." Bugs? Stimulate appetite? In OUR dimension on THIS earth?
  • The dog in the photo (second link)is about to eat a cricket, and the author seems to be actually describing japanese beetles in the article while referring to them as june bugs. Everyone knows that june bugs are red-brown, not green. Or is the author talking about ones that aren't ripe yet?
  • Dalmatians were bred for spots not brains.
  • I once fed my dog a crane fly I'd caught in the house - and from then on, I was his crane fly-catching slave. He'd see one bouncing around and harrass me until I caught it and fed it to him. Then the next crane fly season, I caught one, put it in front of his face, and he looked at me like I was retarded and walked away. Damn self esteem-robbing yellow dogs! On the other hand, he hates bananas so much you can use them like kryptonite to chase him around the house. Heh.
  • Bees, is that the first line of a Bees Poem©?
  • Ew, gross. My dog likes to catch flies out of the air. It can actually be pretty handy, but sometimes he doesn't bother to eat them and just spits them out on the floor. Then it's just gross.