August 01, 2004

George Bush speaks to the people. With the help of Will Ferrell. (Link to page with QuickTime/MOV file)
  • Sorry for the double posts. I hope that it isn't a double post besides the ones I accidentally posted two times before this version. Anyway, I thought the part about the Jefferson's was hilarious.
  • Woah, you in trouble now!
  • Mistakes were made. And after doing a check on MeFi I guess they already had it. Not to good for a first (accidental 3rd) post.
  • There's a sort of medium place in heck for people like you, Treeboy!
  • Is this the one you want us to make silly comments on? And, if it's on MeFi, it's not a double post here. Now, I'll acutally go view the link.
  • You know, it's actually better the third time.
  • 7r4c33l3 w33ll pW0nz0r j00!!!111
  • ...n00b LOL!!
  • Get a rope!
  • YOU DIE NOW YOu hace bemirched the beautiful pages of monkeybashi and muft PAAAAAAY
  • This is hysterical.
  • Don't let them monkeys frighten you off, treeboy. If you need reinforcements, I can always lend you my hammer :)
  • No worries Treeboy, the great Monkeybashi has whacked that shiznit and we are all free to hop about in banana-fueled joy once more. I think Ferrell does a good job with Dubya, but I wish someone could nail him like Carvey did with Big Bush. OTOH, there's something about mocking W that's like mocking the stupid kid. Not that the stupid kid would ever spend us into the stone age or wage an unpopular and illegal war on false pretenses, but y'know. Poor guy, he just don't talk good.