July 31, 2004

Trystan's Closet I came across this while searching the name of a clothing store. While not what I was looking for, this woman's gallery of nerd-fabulous creations was a cool discovery nonetheless.

Mostly historical costumes with various modern twists, like Sushi Victorian or '80s? I Thought You Meant 1880s!.

  • Perky goth, huh? Christophine, your influence is spreading.
  • The hockey goth outfit is awesome.
  • mandyman, thanks for a Superbly Silly post. Do it again.
  • Literary teas where you dress up as your favorite character from a book - that's awesome. I'm envious.
  • Cali: Yes, and someday, my army of perky people in black will rise up and take over the world!! </megalomania> I think that perhaps the most amusing part about this for me is that I know Trystan. Not well. We have some mutual friends, and have met a couple times and talked about costuming. I guess I just never thought to see an FPP from someone unconnected to my friends featuring someone I've known.
  • (Different Tristan/Trystan, I believe.)
  • I suppose the vinyl costumes would come in handy for easy clean up.