July 31, 2004

Five Eight (Quicktime video) One of the most legendary bands in the history of the Athens, Georgia music scene. These guys have been around a long time. I once saw this band at the Brass Mug in Tampa and the lead singer Mike Mantione stripped naked and read poetry. He said he wouldn't stop until he sold enough CDs and t-shirts for gas money for the band's van. That kinda stuff is normal for this band.
  • I've been spending the last half hour listening to their sample page. These guys are great!
  • There's two old videos on Launch. You can also hear short samples of their old stuff at All Music Guide. I recommend listening to I Learned Shut Up. You can order the CD (it's out of print) at the band's website.
  • Between this and Man... or Astroman? Atlanta produces some of the coolest wierd punk groups in the states. If you like this I'd highly recommend checking out some Gogol Bordello