July 31, 2004

"The Singing Nun" - her strange and sad end. "Dominique" made her a star, but after the music died it all went straight to hell. It looks a little sexier in the Italian version. What a drag...I just assumed she was happily belting away in a convent somewhere. Rock and roll really is a vicious game.
  • I'm not familiar with her hit "Dominique" but it would be interesting to hear "Glory Be to God for the Golden Pill."
    We wonder what the Mother Superior thought when the Singing Nun, recording as Luc Dominique in '67, released the song "The Golden Pill," a hymn to God in praise of His giving mankind the inspiration to invent the birth-control pill.
    Or at least read the lyrics.
  • Her financial problems were bizarre; The money that she made while in the convent had been given to Caritas and different missionary works (after payment of taxes). After leaving the convent, she hired a financial counselor to manage her money. He informed her that she could keep on donating (she was generous) to the many works who contacted her. She had neglected to pay her income taxes, which were a lot higher than when she was in the convent. She was ordered to pay but she no longer had any money. (Her financial adviser suddenly died and she was not aware of where he had placed her money: it seems that he had purchased some land for her in Spain but no one could find the proof of purchase.) From the Dominican Family Grapevine (scroll about halfway down)
  • nique, nique, nique *sniggers*
  • We've killed the second link (Geocities), it looks like. Very interesting post! It's a strange story.
  • Melinika, nika, nika...
  • Melon, nika, nika... /Bashi song
  • I blame Debbie Reynolds.
  • I know the song, but I had no idea she died in such a tragic way. Very sad.
  • squidranch: quonsar made that joke on me a while ago. ;P I've never heard the song, myself.
  • For Melinika Just click on the samples. It really is a bouncy little tune.
  • I was blissfully unaware, but now I am slightly disturbed. Thanks! =)
  • PY - I googled my fingers to the bone looking for the lyrics for "Glory Be to God for the Golden Pill", and they were not to be found. I even found a page with lyrics to songs other than "Dominique" (not easy, let me tell ya) under the name "Sister Smile"and yet...no "Golden Pill" Hmmm...maybe it wasn't really a suicide...you mess with the Dominican Family, you got consequences.
  • You can listen to a bit of "La pillule d'or" over here. Truly craptastic.
  • Thank you Wolof and moneyjane. That audio clip reminded me of how rusty my French is. Finding one of her songs intriguingly titled "I am not a high-speed motorboat"* on a translated page, I looked for lyrics and could only find ones in French. Struggling with those, I guessed it was an anthem for young girls with speedy suitors, and did not realize it was her "I am not a Star" until I pasted the song into another translator. *The same page listed a 1982 album, "Dominique (électronique-nique-nique)" translated as "Domenica (electronics-screw-screws)"
  • That's what I was snickering at upthread. "Nique" = "fuck".
  • And while we're there (all right, while, I'm there), check out this dildo. Probably thought it sounded dead posh.
  • Not seeing it, Wolof.
  • D'oh!
  • ah. nice
  • MonkeyFilter: dirtying up my rusty French.