July 30, 2004

Typical advertising is for jerks. Joey the Midwife isn't. Ho-hum... another ad campaign... call the ex-football star, the girls in bikinis, the rock band with the most tattoos... make your stupid commercial... then wonder why nobody's buying your stupid goddamn deoderant. Money well spent? Doubt it.
  • "Here's our secret: We have developed the use of "themes" to sell products. Why reinvent the wheel with every ad campaign? We've got a collection of themes that are PROVEN winners.... themes everyone loves. We just plug your product into a theme and PRESTO BINGO, you've got a world-class ad campaign at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time. It works for us, it works for you... and it works for our best clients. Take a look...." I really need a joke detector - I don't know how many years of my life I spend wondering, "this looks like a joke, I'm sure it's a joke, ....but what if it isn't?"
  • So bad, it's good. From the mnftiu.cc guy, right? I like the "Guys on Sofas" theme. And welcome to the Monkeyhouse, spackle.
  • Yeah, I was planning to introduce myself by saying "I will not waste another minute of my time on this worthless excuse for a community. If this is how you welcome all new members I would be shocked to find out you keep anyone." -- but then I thought, hey, why not think outside the box and post something funny instead? Call me crazy!
  • Nice job, spackle! We really need some humor to offset all the bad feelings over the upcoming US election. That said, I found these parts to be especially... revealing: Payment Check: First half of balance should be sent before contacting us. Balance of payment is expected within 30 days of receipt of your advertising campaign. Reality Check: We will never meet in person. You pick the theme you want. (See below.) You tell us the name of your product and what it does (enclose this information in an email) and we do the rest. You don't need to call to make sure everything is on schedule. You don't need to waste your time coming to a meeting. We hate meetings. And anyway why bother? We know we're gonna do a great job. Right. Uh-huh. And right after you receive the minimum $3,000 you're looking for, you're going to begin on my marketing campaign instantly. Riiiiiiiight. Even if they are legit (seriously doubt it), their ads suck. Who on the internet actually looks at what those blinding ads say? Who does anything more than try to stop it and scroll/back-button away from it?
  • bad feelings I'm with the "close my eyes and pretend like it's November 12th" crowd.
  • It is satire, dear monkeys.
  • Nissan. I love this guy.
  • Wait... spackle? The lovely spackle from #mefi? A doubleplus welcome to you, then!
  • I think the guy from TimeCube just found a new job...
  • ha ha ha ha ha! ha ha ha! Brilliant!!!