July 30, 2004

Build-to-Suit: A Castle "This is a simple site for those interested in building, purchasing, or designing a solid stone castle ... While the old castles were cold, damp, and downright miserable, our castles are toasty warm, dry, and healthy to live in." (via coudal)

If you don't want to wait a year to build your own, consider buying the one currently for sale near the ski resort town of Sandpoint, Idaho: with views of the nearby lake and ski runs, 3600 sq ft, 3BR, 4BA, turrets and towers galore, all for the bargain price of only $1.5M. I'm sort of house-hunting right now, but I never considered buying a castle! Anyone else thinking of recreating the "Knights of the Round Table" scene from Monty Python?

  • We're Knights of the Round Table, We dance when 'ere we're able, We do routines and chorus scenes With footwork im-pecc-able. We dine well here in Camelot, We eat ham and jam and spam a lot dee dee dee dit dit dit doo, dit dit doo, dit dit doo, dee dee dee dit dit dit doo, dit dit diddle-eye-dee!!!!
  • such a cool site! here's the one that's for sale: Total Size ~ 3600 square feet, 3 Bedroom, 4 Bath Size per level ~ 900 square feet Wall thickness ~ two feet Stone Tonnage ~ 166 tons Height ~ fifty one feet Number of Stones ~ >18,000 Elevation ~ 5,000 feet Price ~ $1,532,000 yes, i like my abodes to possess AT LEAST 166 tons worth of stone tonnage. heh.
  • These are so cool. I'm not saying I didn't gripe a bit that the floorplans are highly modernised, and that they don't even have the right kinds of Great Halls (entrances should be on opposite walls, preferrably towards the bottom of the hall, if you are doing English style), but that doesn't take away from the sheer I would so have one if I could coolness of them.
  • I live in a castle. Its a bit chilly.
  • hey, dng, you dropped your bike there
  • That's because you forgot to have it made with insulation and plumbing along with rubble in the walls.
  • hey, dng, you dropped your bike there Thats my garage
  • rubble walls, rubber sheets and you're all set!
  • It's a SCA wet dream.
  • Castles For Sale has one in W.Va. for $1.8mm
    It contains 20 rooms including a 45'x26" great room with fireplaces and 16" ceilings. The dinning room and second floor library are paneled in carved Georgina pine. Eight bedrooms, six full baths, three half baths and a fine apartment with its own kitchen, bath, bedrrom and laundry room. Additional features include a wine cellar, wath tower and tower room.
    Happy house hunting
  • Are you sure that isn't the one in W.Va. that burned down? Also metafilter has a good discussion on these castles, with more links.
  • No - seeing the picture, I was wrong, sorry. The other was smaller, with a large wall. Also maybe in Kentucky. (Mefi site with the link is down, so I can't check). It had the classic story of being built for a woman, but the divorce coming before it was finished.
  • Couldn't find any info either, but I did find this:
    In 1885, whiskey distiller Taylor Suite began building Berkley Castle for his new bride, Rosa Pelham, who was 31 years his junior. He died in 1908, a year before the project was finished. Rosa completed the castle but went on the squander her inheritance on extravagant living and wild parties and ended up losing the castle and living in a shack and raising chickens to make ends meet.
  • You know, we should consider making a Monkey Castle! Er, something larger than that.
  • It's a SCA wet dream. Argh: So funny, and you are so right. Yes, it's true, a man's home is his ostentatious display.
  • I want one. Do they have one in the 1800 sq ft range?
  • PARTY AT MID'S CASTLE!!! (well, someday)
  • When I get a trebuchet and a buick to fling from it, then it will be a party.
  • This is like when in elementary school you would have to draw your dream house. "An' I wanna castle, and a big twisty slide down inside one of the towers, and this is the room where I play video games, and this is the place where we have water gun fights, an'...." If I got to have a personal castle on a private island, well, I don't know if life could get any cooler for my inner 8-year-old.
  • if you're at all willing to relocate, the German government would be happy for you to take a castle off then hands for a princely 1 Euro ($1.50US give or take). Of course, you have to promise to do the restoration and upkeep (around 6M or so), but you'd have a castle!
  • Time-Life Home Castle DIY Book Series: Book 1, Drawbridge and Moat Repair. Start your collection today for only $19.95!! Free gift with purchase! Future volumes will follow on the same 10-day free preview at the regular low price of $32.95 plus postage and handling.
  • Are they selling Schloss Neuschwanstein?! (Top castle on your link, wonderful fairy tale thing with rooms based on Wagner operas) Another castle I could understand, but not that one.
  • When I was in High School, I had an offer to help build the castle in Sandpoint. I didn't take it, and I have been kicking myself ever since. $14/hr (Idaho minimum wage is still $5.50) and learn masonry? SOOO should have taken the job. Oh well...
  • OH WEEZEL, I can't believe you didn't do it. That would be so cool to build a castle. Bend over. I can reach better. (I don't want to own one though, who would do all the dusting?)
  • Prefer a tower, not a castle. A tower like this one.
  • My Bees, alas! For protection from vicious hordes, Glendalough was built in a deserted place. Still, the Vikings found it and destroyed it. And the vicious hordes with umbrellas, obviously. Sweet Bees, don't poets live in towers made of ivory (and gold.)
  • I've been to Glendalough. When you look up at the tower, from right at the base, it feels like it's toppling over right onto you!
  • The whole point of having a lovely tall tower with a fine long staircase to be navigated is so ye can get off away by your lone and compose nonstop without any well-meaning parties ducking their heads in to ask "Do ye want a cup o' tea?" or "Would ye like to see the paper now?" and thereby derail one's all-too-ephemeral train of thought. BlueHorse - Should any Vikings show up I am positive it will be for the purpose of asking similar questions. There may well be a Universal Law to the effect WRITERS MUST BE INTERRUOPTED. "Oh, look, he's not writing at all, only sitting there with a loon-stricken look on his face! I'll just ask him now while he's not doing anything." Yeah. Right.
  • jb, I was attempting to be clever with a little bait-and-switch on behalf of Berlin (mouse over the link for the small print). The Schloss Neuschwanstein is both wonderous and not for sale.
  • Wasn't it Fitzgerald who said he spent most of his marriage trying to convince his wife that when he was staring out the window, he was writing?