July 30, 2004

An introduction to Leet. Something of a followup to this thread.
  • I wonder whether 1337 has parallels in other languages. For example I can see Soviet computerists in the late 1980s using their own form of leetspeak to avoid keyword scanning about minor political stuff.
  • w00t.
  • teh_b0nz0r pwns j00 n00bs. Great link to the wiki. They even mention Jeff K and his significant contributions to teh lexic0n.
  • Oh thank you! This is extremely helpful. Now I finally understand the whole Orc Chasm section of KoL. I am very un-1337.
  • 1 ph33r 7|-|4t 1337 |/\|1ll |\|3v3r d13.
  • mst - whoah.
  • I don't know if I should be w00t or sux0r that I understood middleclasstool's comment without translating.
  • Well, if you can translate that, then you have my opinion. It's amusing, but I agree with the opinion (I think it's in that wikipedia listing) that real hackers (I'm not including myself as one, because I'm still learning to program) don't use 1337 with anything other than irony, mostly because it's ugly and st00pid. I will say it's good for getting around the more draconian work e-mail filters, though.
  • to clarify: Not my opinion on you shawnj, for whom I have |\/|4|)d pr0pz0rz.
  • I'm sorta with shawnj: a little concerned that I can read MCT's comment. I think I can at least. Interesting Wiki - I learned where "asshat" came from (I certainly didn't get it directly from JeffK, but that meme has some serious legs).
  • Ga=!!! W0 !Z M3!!! W4{<) =(v.) to modify a program with no idea how it works -- and oh, 'tis true, 'tis true!!!! b33z W4{<0r = b33z b4k4!!!!
  • ...to modify a program with no idea how it works. That's basically what I do for la living.
  • ...la living cool! w00t!!
  • Livin' la vida l33ta.