July 28, 2004

"My Beef With Big Media" by Ted Turner We need a new set of rules that will break these huge companies to pieces. Captain Outrageous holds forth on the FCC messing up and why Big Media will doom society if it goes unchallenged. [via DayPop]

Basic stuff, but his insider's viewpoint and billionaire's candor is fun and interesting.

  • Read this. Good article. Michael Powell has done a horrible job with the FCC. That's why he got on BreastGate immediately.
  • John Asscroft was right to cover the breasts of the statue of Justice - metaphorically. We can't go round havin' no boobies showin', gol-darnit. Seriously, these people should just be ashamed. *deep breath*
  • Bravo, Mr. Turner. He's been on this tip for a few years now and though I can't imagine he'd have quite the same fire in his belly had he not been so shamelessly cut off from his own empire, it is good that he is using what pulpit remains him for good, not evil. Particularly smart was the final suggestion of Trust busting the Oligarchs via the friendly arm of Johnny Law. Sometimes, flipping through the dial, it feels entirely hopeless. I don't object to programming that doesn't interest me, I am upset because there is so little of what should interest me that meets my standards. Channels like Discovery and TechTV are little more than paid infomercials that entirely betray their education mission. Meanwhile, National Geographic focuses on Fetish of the Week or BeetlePorn. /end bitter rant of the week
  • heh. nice rant shotsmeister.
  • FTC clears way for Sony-BMG merger *sings 'circus song'*
  • No matter how many statues Ashcroft covers with drapes, there will always be at least one big boob in every picture he is in...