July 28, 2004

Dogshitter Wants represents a journey through the world of the bizarre. A world of make believe that lives in all of us but not everyone. A world that lets you escape the tight structure of the normal and embrace the beauty of the surreal. - or so Biganimal, the company that made these weird cartoons, tell us on their Projects<<Dogshitter Wants pages. Dogshitter Wants main site (Flash interface). Note: some people think this cartoon is shit. I do not. FLASH interface. Requires QUICKTIME to view the toons. NSFW unless you're ok with a character that shouts "I AM DOGSHITTER WANTS" a lot.

I have no idea what the frigging hell these are about, but they are hypnotic in a trippy way. Apparently they've been shown on MTV2. I quite like them. I wish I had a few peyote buttons or some shrooms so that I could appreciate them fully. Like one of the characters, I went St.Martins!

  • No these are rubbish ... like a cheap rip-off of weebel and bob with a trendy, edgy, hoxtony name supported by an art-wank description. My greatest fear is that I will soon have to look at this shite on a daily basis as my job currently involves processing crappy MTV stuff for 3. Rant Over!
  • Dieter is making cartoons? Refuse any offers to touch his monkey. I barely made it through the first one.
  • I don't think these are a cheap rip-off of weebl & bob. There are many other flash films that fit that bill better. They *are* fucking bizarro weird. The first one isn't even much of a lead-in. Give 'em a go, monkeys. If you like weird, that is.
  • I sat staring, bewildered, until "We...are Elton John." That fucking killed me, for some reason. "I...am Michel Gondry" had the same effect. Can't tell you why.
  • I'm sure this thing it's part of one of the myriad psy-ops around. I can't take that white blob's voice off my head. Whatever it takes to fill airtime, I think... at least it has some interesting visual quality.
  • I liked it cheers
  • I especially enjoyed the music, hypnotic, and reminiscent of the late 60s and early 70s. Still hoping for the chook-seeks-asylum saga, Nostril.
  • I'll do it, I promise.