July 23, 2004

One-Letter Words. All-Consonant Words. Strange and unusual dictionaries.
  • great find! {b} & {bnn}!
  • Oh! This is rich! I may not emerge for a week -- Thank you ambrosia! From The Foolish Dictionary Online: -- RAG-TIME Music pulled into many pieces -- the invention of a flannel-mouth to which many have cottoned. RHETORIC Language in a dream suit. BOWERY A shady retreat in New York. /a bee in clover
  • This rules.
  • hey! it's recommended by my high school English teacher! Cool!
  • It's also recommended by Richard Lederer, my favorite Linguisticiser, next to languagehat (but that's only because of the hat).
  • You don't like my hat?? *cries*
  • oooooo. n. a moaning or cooing sound. so THAT's how that's spelled. always wondered the correct number of o's.
  • L'hat, you can leave your hat on [mp3].
  • I disapprove of the sound-words because of the spelling issues, plus there are a practically infinite number of them. That said, how could the compiler have missed "you"?