July 23, 2004

a steak, a girl, a fur bikini=???
  • Yeah. Women = meat. A billboard for a strip club (that serves food) here has the girls surrounding a chef who's holding a plate with a big steak on it. Subtle.
  • damn! the "hats of meat" web site is down...
  • For what it's worth, here is a translation: MarchĂ©, strong (?) taste this summer ! The barbarian burger is coming ! /Am I correct, Professor ? Not sure that helps though.
  • Who cares what it says?!?!? It's a chick in a fur bikini handing me a plate of meat!!!! I am so ther ... Oh, wait. She's not real. damn.
  • Is that the Korean version of Hooters?
  • Evolve from your hunter & gatherer ways! The MacBarbarian is here! Happy Mammoth doll with every purchase. Good while supplies last. Meh. It can't top the best girls + meat video ever.
  • Well, I did always like a woman with a little meat on her bones ... /crickets
  • Meatgirl? I thought this was viral marketing for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • Oh, it's not just a girl with meat, it's a girl reaching hungrily for some meat. Meat that has what appear to be pickles next to it. Mmmmm. Nuuuuuuuuuuance.
  • My god that's disgusting.
  • I said my god that's disgusting.
  • Yes, that's what you said.
  • A damsel with a dripping steak In a diner once I saw, She was a furry-pelted lass, Who swiftly by the tables passed, Crying, "Who ordered theirs raw?" And turning just a trifle green about her dainty craw.
  • He wrote words.
  • It was a miracle of rare device, A meaty burger-plate with pickle fries!
  • www.furry-peltedlasses.com?
  • craw: Pronunciation Key (krĂ´) n. 1. The crop of a bird or insect. 2. The stomach of an animal. Well I'll be jiggered.