July 23, 2004

Muu! Hva
  • Moo?
  • well, as it is a double-post, no doubt this comment will be lost into the ether. Nonetheless... WOW! The 80's. Just when I begin to forget that that kind of fashion existed, you go and show me something like this. Almost as good as watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure again.
  • My third double-post. La honte.
  • As your attorney, I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown flask in my shaving kit.
  • But Wolof, it's a special double-post, because it's the first I've found & called! Yay for me! On another note, isn't vodka wonderful?
  • That fashion's comin' back, Weez. I've seen a lot of off-the-shoulder sweatshirts lately...
  • If you go to the Muu homepage they have a really cheese muu-lander game. What language is that, anyway? Portugese? Esperanto? Swedish? AARGGHH!!
  • What language is that, anyway? The marvel of Icelandic.