July 23, 2004

"She's Lost Control." Joy Division, George W. Bush, nipple wrenches and a gimp. [NSFW, .wmv, via Fleshbot.]
  • Specifically, Agent Provocateur covering Joy Division's song, with pasties, whips, and what looks like the legendary Star Spangled Rammer.
  • Joy Division? As my girlfriend said upon watching it, "Ian Curtis is rolling in his grave. If he had known that this was going to be made, he would have stayed alive just to kick those people's asses." Good idea, horrific execution.
  • I'm pretty much with shawnj (and his girlfriend) though I did find it amusing. Nice pasties though, and I want that Triumph (on display in-store - very pink.)
  • I miss Joy Division... Anyway, I love anything that has a huge black dildo and W bent over with nipple clamps on. And the gal was built like a brick shit house, but it was edited in a strange way. The cutting felt like it started and stopped. The whole thing suffered for it.
  • FYI: The singer is Siobhan Fahey (Bananarama, Shakespeare's Sister) and the lady with the pasties is D. von Teese. (I almost posted this 5 days ago, but there were already enough raunchy links at the time.)
  • If anybody finds this video on a lesser-evil and downloadable format than Windows Media, please post info... And yes, it's worth watching just for that rear action shot...
  • I watched this after listening to the William Shatner Pulp cover posted above ... I kind of feel better now ... though I'm not entirely sure why!
  • good job homunculus, my employer sent this to me the other day and I can't believe it didn't even occur to me to post it here! *duh* I too love Joy Division, and I am generally NOT a fan of covers, but come on, Siobhan Fahey is pretty fun, particularly in Shakespeare's sis incarnation.... beatings with rubber bananas for all!