July 22, 2004

A fan trailer for an incredible looking film.
  • Anyone have a spare $100 million? This movie would make a small country's GDP.
  • Forty-two MBs? Ouch. 384kbs is the new 56k, I guess. So TFN is hosting non-Star Wars movies, now? Weird. I think my favorite is still the classic, TROOPS.
  • Nightwing, people, Nightwing. :-(
  • Fisher: Yeah, I know. But if Nightwing were to come back to avenge Batman's memory, wouldn't it be quite appropriate to re-take the Robin mantle?
  • Upon viewing the trailor: AWESOME!!! Love this guy's style. Looks like he took quite a lot from The Dark Knight Returns. Wanna see it.
  • The trailer looked nice. Having a decent DP, who knows what he/she is doing, can make a world of difference. Though, when someone says, 'fanfilm', I think of five or six dorks jumping around in someone's backyard with rotoscoped lightsabers. When most of your cast and crew can be found within the annals of the IMDB, I would consider it more of an 'independent' film. Have they finished principal photography yet? regarding Batman: Whose bright idea was it to get rid of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman? And who has been writing the dialogue for the last few Batman movies? A classroom of sixth-graders?
  • I honestly didn't think Tim Burton did all that hot a job with Batman. It was an interesting interpretation, but not what I would have done. The new "Batman : Beginnings" by Christopher Nolan looks pretty good, and more the direction I would have taken it in the first place. Of course, "Batman Forever" was terrible (although I really dug Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones), and "Batman and Robin" was one of the worst pieces of shit the big screen has ever seen plastered across it. The only thing worse I can think of was "Revolutions." /shudders, crawls under desk to hide
  • when someone says, 'fanfilm', I think of five or six dorks jumping around in someone's backyard with rotoscoped lightsabers Hah. Also, Weezel, Revolutions wasn't that bad, was it? Everyone expected the world from that movie and it failed to live up to expectations, but I still think it was a fun way to kill two hours...and the Zion battle was pretty smooth too.
  • I assume that it goes under the mantle of fanfilm because they haven't got permission from DC Films to use their characters, so they're never going to make a cinema release. I thought it looked great, until the other superheroes came in. Then it just looked cheesy. That was probably the point; but they looked bad.
  • so... 'fanfilm' as, essentially, a legal convenience of terminology, then? Also, where's Aquaman?
  • When will these fanfilm directors get smart and use dropcash as a tool for film finance? Imagine it, films for fans by fans? Then provide a finished copy for every donor. Novel idn't it?
  • Since the 'net boom', there have been schemes for fans financing their artists directly, like that Thomas Dolby venture. Don't know how the balance stads nowadays. Plus, I guess many people would be out of a job, if the middlemen is set aside.
  • I imagine it would be really hard to raise 50-200K or more with that. Features can be expensive.
  • As a trailer, it was pretty cool, but as a film, it would never have worked. There was faaaar too much going on in that trailer to translate cleanly into even a 3 hour film. I also agree with John Kenneth Fisher that it should have been Nightwing. The only reason not to was basically because nobody besides the Comics readers would have known what it was about. This hits a far larger audience. However, no man would wear the robin outfit without Batman forcing him to, and that includes gay men. As for Elfman, I appreciated the fact that Batman was the first good superhero film since the early superman films. I liked the feel of the film, and obviously all the batman films after Elfman thoroughly sucked. However, I don't feel that Elfman was faithful to the comics enough to really bring out the character. For example, the Joker should not have died. Batman should have arrested him and brought him to proper justice. Death is a cheap way to deal with the Joker. Revolutions: I liked it quite a bit. I don't know what the whining was about, aside from people who wanted one thing and weren't happy when they got something else that was also quite good but very different. I know others would disagree, but...bah.