July 14, 2004

Transformus is a "burn" in the mountains of North Carolina -- basically a small version of "Burning Man". I'd love some monkey insight on what to bring, what to expect, etc. (First post, hi everybody!)

I've never been to one of these before. This is an all-weekend primitive camping (no food, no water, only portajohns provided) event for 500 people held at the end of this month. I'm going with two very cool girls -- yes, you're quite correct to be jealous -- all of us kinda hippies in yuppie camoflage. I need some creative inspiration: help me brainstorm things to do (body-painting, wacky performance art, etc.), stuff to bring (besides the obvious food, water, beer, tent, sleeping bags, bug spray, etc.), and just generally what to expect.

  • Welcome, LordSludge. I haven't been to one of these before, but I think there are some key questions we'd need to ask you to get an idea of what you can do. 1. What kind of storage capacity do you have in your car/van/truck? 2. It sounds like you're looking for low-tech/no-tech suggestions, is that true? 3. If not, will bring/are you allowed to bring batteries, solar-power devices, etc. and how much juice will you have if so? 4. Do you have any crafty/handy/artsy skills you could put to use?
  • more importantly, do you have a tattoo?
  • more importantly, do you have a tattoo? Here's what happens when you Google for SideDish's tattoo.
  • We'll have a mid-sized SUV, so there should be decent room for transformation and storage. I'm a computer geek by trade, an engineer by education, a musician by hobby, and a tinkerer by design, so I'm all about tech if we can come up with something cool and not too fragile/expensive/cumbersome. One of the girls is especially artsy-fartsy. We are definitely bringing the bongos. We can bring batteries and even generators, though they're so loud I'd rather avoid them. Here's some more info on restrictions: http://www.transformus.com/responsibilities.shtm No tattoo, although if I did, it'd be like George Clooney's in From Dusk Til Dawn. Saw something similar on a girl once, and it was *nice*.
  • condoms.
  • Since the point seems to be to get away from civilization for a few days, I suggest feathers, bull roarers, bicycles, and a caterer. (My hold on primitivismm is weak.)
  • Lord Sludge Welcome!! I have gone to burning man 6 times. its big & its in a desert, of course. you are going to a small event in one of the most beautiful places on the east coast of usa (I went to summer camp in Hendersonville: Joyce Kilmer Wilderness, Sliding Rock, Carl Sandberg's House, you name it...) you will need more bug repellant, less sunscreen; more hippie repellant (kidding!) probably less ear plugs...it sounds wonderful. I like to do body paint at burning man, "temporary tattos". get non-toxic magic markers, liquid eye liner in different colors. if you want to get fancy & there is a good theatrical supply place near you, get cosmetic grade luster pigment, its gorgeous & you can apply it like loose eyeshadow, then a tiny squirt of hairspray will keep the stuff intact all day. here is an example (I am the redhead artist, working on my lovely friend Julie) playa art more tat fun: design yr own temporary tattos & put em on other people, its a GREAT way to meet & flirt & get some "necessary" (heh heh) body contact ;) tragically I cannot find a pic of either tats I have designed... and YES!! condoms...and baby wipes...fun little toys and things to give cute people, sparkley glowy things for nighttime....costumes, wigs, warm stuff for nighttime... HAVE A GREAT TIME!! please keep us posted on the details when you return.
  • Welcome, Medusa! Gotta second the baby wipes recommendation - try to get the 'adult' ones, they tend to be citrus-scented rather than baby-powder scented. *Especially* if you hope to use those condoms... (Gak. Fake Baby Powder scent) I imagine you've already thought of glowsticks?
  • Wow - this sounds incredible. I'm in New York - does anyone know of any events like this closer than North Carolina?
  • sully: bwhaaaaaaaaaa haha!!!! i love my tattoo!!
  • Baby wipes. I was thinking, "what, for clean up"?? But you mean more as a substitute for bathing, I gather. Good call. I may try to rig up a portable shower for just that purpose -- let the sun heat the water in a black container during the day, enjoy a warm shower in the evening. We could even put it on the stage and shower publicly as our performance art, heh. Those temporary tats are a COOL idea, but I can't imagine giving out more than 50 or so, and they sell em in minimum lots of 1000 for $70. (I just joined a band, however, and could use em for cheap/fun promotional items -- hmm, I may do a separate CG post on this...) I think body paint + hair spray will be the way to go for body art. SD: So you gonna come down from DC and show me your tattoo? Condoms, YES! How many should I bring? ;) I actually had a bizarre dream last night that my _mom_ brought over a ginormous box of trojans from Sam's for me in my new apartment, "just in case". She's quite the bible-thumper, so I was a bit weirded out when I woke up. I have to go to Sam's now.
  • here it is, my lord!