July 13, 2004

The versatile kilt Have you worn a kilt lately? The kilt is distinctly Scottish, but what about the Irish? Did the Irish wear kilts too? Whether they did or not is up to debate, but if you want to wear your own, someone has your interests in mind.
  • Unless you have true Scottish clan affiliations (I do both to the Keiths & the Sutherlands, he says proudly) & therefore know which tartan to wear, you will generally be mocked by the Scots for wearing a kilt. However, I actually think the kilt is a very handsome and quite practical piece of clothing that should really find its way into male (& female I suppose) attire everwhere, particularly in hot countries. In fact, even in the chilly highlands, the kilt is quite warm. Great post!
  • what do you wear under your kilt Nostradilmus?
  • Noot, laddie. O' du ye tak me fur a numpty? Ye trying tae tek the mickey ooty me, naa? (actually, a thong or other brief undergarment is acceptable - I try to stick to wearing nothin, but I rarely wear me' kilt anyway - I want to keep it for special occasions cos it were fookin expensive)
  • Proud member of Clan Moffatt (of that ilk)! Motto: "Proudly getting our arses kicked by the other clans for over 500 years." *Shakes claymore at Nostrildamus, runs away* Once you find your tartan, buy your kilt here! 500 bucks. Ouch. Looks like it includes shipping, though. It is one boss skirt, though, and they carry lots of other stuff.
  • Ach, easy now, Nostril, dinna go frightening away the paying customers, dear man! There's scads o' non-clan tartans out there now as well -- regimental ones, others affiliated with a place (such as Alberta, Nova Scotia, Aberdeen, Australia, Louisiana, and the like), or with the Masons, or even with a whisky. If ye can't find one to suit ye among the 2800+ official ones, ye can have one designed for your needs -- Scottish weavers will oblige (for a fee).
  • Let me tell you boys, those Utilikilts are hot! (Well any kilt is hot, but these especially) I've actually met Steven the owner on a couple of occasions, most recently around the time that the Met did an exhibit on Men in Skirts. He's a great guy, with a fabulous product. I've been seeing more of these things around, but then I tend to travel in kilt friendly circles.
  • If you want to tell that clan of a Scotsman, stick your hand up his kilt. If it's a quarter pounder, he's a McDonald. *ahem* No one who values their modesty should wear a kilt around women and alcohol.